Thursday, 14 May 2015


What is ANDROID?
A technology from the GOOGLE which is based on Linux Kernel, it is a mobile operating system that is used for Mobile Application Development. Android is very similar to other operating systems that has been made to various computers and computing devices such as Windows, Mac, RedHat, etc.
Android has been specially designed for touchscreen devices such as Smart Phones, Tablets, Wrist Watches, Android TVs, etc. Users interact with the devices having Android O/S such as swiping, pinching, tapping, double tapping, etc, to manipulate on-screen objects.
Whether it is gaming or clicking pictures with camera or any other specific task that can be operated from an android devices, the role of android architecture supports each tasks and play a vital role.

ANDROID is specially designed by the GOOGLE for Android Application Development for Smart Phones and other Android Devices. This technology contains all the packages which contains the inter-related sets of classes with predefined methods that follows real life programming model that is OOPS that provides the power for better project management. Android platform is for those who want to expand the horizons of their business on global platforms as the number of users of android devices is increasing drastically world wide. So, that any business can be promoted on this platform by simply developing Android applications for their business, also known as apps. Various Mobile Application Development Company does Android Apps Development for their Clients.

Globally, It will spread your business irrespective of the fact that what is the nature of your business, what is your objective, aim or goal because there are n number of Android users who are searching for their relevant apps. Just like a patient will search for the apps which may give a list of highly appreciated doctors in his / her nearby area.
So, having an ANDROID application is becomes mandatory in order to survive in today's dynamic business environment. As it will give you the power to put your business at global level.
Resistive Technosource is an Android Application Development Company in NCR that offers cost-effective Mobile Application Development.

Future Scope of ANDROID O/S & Its Applications?
No Doubt that the Technocrats is indicating that ANDROID is one of the most powerful tools today and it is becoming boon to its users as there are plenty of apps available that can ease your efforts for carrying out effective daily life tasks. Android O/s contains all the essential features that a platform or technology must contain, it contains all the elements which will make this technology totally undisputed. So, the future scope is promising and various mobile application development companies and the developers across the world doing efforts to learn and contribute to this technology.

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